Falcon Base

Serving British Columbia (Canada).

Commanding Officer (CO): Man of Sheel (Nick Sheel)
Executive Officer (XO):BCPhoto94 (Brett Cullen)

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Devaron Base

Serving New Jersey.

Commanding Officer (CO): Stormtrooperbane (Alice)
Executive Officer (XO): bmtn1111 (Matthew)

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Takodana Base

Takodana Base

Serving Idaho & Montana  

Commanding Officer (CO): thejackal327 (Jackie Elwer-Bernal)
Executive Officer (XO): SweetCharite (Kelsey)

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Bantha Canyon Base

Serving New Mexico.

Commanding Officer (CO): raiderj33 (Jenn Darnell)
Executive Officer (XO): NateH (Nate Hoffman)

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Apollo Base

Serving Ohio state.

Commanding Officer (CO): Bacca9 (Jamie “Gingersnap”)
Executive Officer (XO): Snap616 (Andrew Rouhier)

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Alderaan Base

Serving Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire 

Commanding Officer (CO): jeneyre (Jennifer Catania)
Executive Officer (XO): mbotastic (Morrigan Phillips)

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