2012 Toy Con Charity Toy Show

Original report by: Phyllis Schulte, Nar Shaddaa Base

The organizers of Toy Con hold 4 toy shows per year, but this last toy show of the season is for charity. Anyone bringing a toy gets into the show free and all toys collected are then packed up in a u-haul and sent off to the Children’s Treasure Chest facility in Orland Park, Illinois, U.S.A where they are then distributed to hospitals across the country. When the toys reach the hospital they are given to children undergoing many types of treatments. The intent is to take the child’s mind off his treatments and give them something to enjoy.

We as a group are invited out to take photos with people at the show for a donation. Donation dollars are then used for gift cards for older kids.

What a nice pile of toys!

My sincere thanks to all who came out to this event to raise funds for Children’s Treasure Chest for Pediatric Oncology. This is the 9th year in a row that Nar Shaddaa Base and the Midwest Garrison have teamed up and done this event and it has become a favorite for many of us.

Many thanks to Kathy Van Bueningen for bringing along her awesome backdrop for the photos!

More photos on Midwest Garrision’s Photobucket Gallery

David Klima –
   TK12155 – Stormtrooper
Jason Jaskulski –
   SL6588 – Emperor Palpatine
Rich Markle –
   TS1781 Snowtrooper
Ed Kryzowski –
   DZ4438 – Tusken
Steve Gaza TK4034 – Stormtrooper
Kathy Van Bueningen – TS9989 – Snowtrooper – NSB member undercover
Jason Patterson – SL1719 – Darth Vader
Cheryl Whitaker – TB3127 – Scout – NSB member undercover
Vince Baena – TB7596 – Scout
Steve Mamman – TK7345 – X-Wing Pilot
Steve Szyndrowski – SL3052 – RFT
Dave Obaidallah- TK4185 – ERS
Augie Webster – BH9397 – X-Wing Pilot
Jim Norman – TK8114 – X-Wing Pilot
Phyllis Schulte – TK1951 – X-Wing Pilot
Conor Markle – ROTJ Luke – not yet 18…but on his way..
Austin – Tie Pilot

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