Admiral Wullf Yularen – The Clone Wars

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Wullf Yularen was a male Human who had a long history of service in both the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. During the Clone Wars, Yularen was persuaded by Palpatine to join the Republic Navy as an admiral—becoming one of the youngest naval officers to hold the rank—and the naval commander of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker’s fleet. Yularen was aboard the Death Star when it was attacked by the Rebel Alliance, and he perished when Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker successfully destroyed the station.

(Source Wookieepedia)


  1. Olive Drab (OD) long sleeve jacket (needs to extend below the waist down to hips, and be made from a good quality suiting material.)
  2. Epaulets on both shoulders
  3. Mandarin-style Collar with closure on the right side
  4. “S” seam on front of jacket (extending from bottom on L side; rising to mid chest and curving 90 degrees to the R; across chest then curving 90 degrees to vertical; then rising to the L shoulder epaulet)
  5. 2 dark green stripes (aprox .25″) spaced .5″ apart on both sleeves just above the cuff
  6. Black belt w/ rectangle silver buckle. (buckle needs to have imperial style greeblie placed in the center)
  7. Black gloves
  8. Rank insignia on L breast (3 red squares on top row & 2 blue squares on bottom row centered)
  9. Pants in matching fabric
  10. Black boots rising to just below the knee (boots need to have the top folded over on itself)
  11. Short hair style only (long hair will not be accepted)


  1. Dark piping to outline the “S” seam on the jacket front
  2. Split skirt on back of jacket
  3. Thin mustache
  4. Silver stud on belt placed on R side of buckle


The jacket is supposed to similar to the ones worn at the end of ROTS, but without the flared trousers or cap.


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