Alpine Base Austria

Serving Austria

Commanding Officer (CO): Lorah Tink (Laura Battisti)
Executive Officer (XO): Nirraven (Rene)


Alpine Base was founded in 2011, and as Austria is well known for it´s skiing and recreation areas in the beautiful Alps it was obvious to use “this” name.

Most members can be found in the cities of Vienna and Graz, and that´s also where most Star Wars related events happen – especially we are very proud of our annual international event at the Prater, Vienna.

We are also happy to have a very good relationship with 501st Austrian Garrison, as a result nearly all Austrian events are organized together so we can present a united Star Wars Fan Family to the visitors!

During most events we raise funds for Make-a-wish-Austria, and we are always happy to bring a bright smile on young Star Wars fans!


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