Artist Cards – Wave 3

The next wave of original art from the Artist Trading Card series is up for auction. This wave features art from Bill Pilkovski, Jan Duursema, and Gina Canady.

These auctions are a benefit for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and all payments go directly to them. Each auction is for a 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ original piece of art featuring a Rebel Legion member in his/her approved costume. This artwork was created specifically for this set and is a 1 of 1 piece.

Jabba’s Palace Dancer Oola [Member Princess Sandy]
Jawa [Member Yimisty]
Chewbacca [Member Lumpy]
Tusken Raider [Member Vogel]
Han Solo [Member SoloYT1300]
Princess Leia – Hoth [Member LeiaYT1300]
Princess Leia as Bousch [Member Suzijedi]
Weekay – Ewok [Member Fraxster]
Jabba’s Sail Barge Luke Skywalker [Member _Master_Skywalker_]
Crix Nadine [Member Blasty]

Astraal Vao [Member Twi’lek Pam]
Marasiah Fel [Member Princess Sandy]
Shado Vao [Member Scottrooper]
A’sharad Hett [Member A’Sharad Hett]
Khaleen Hentz [Member Hothgirl]
Quinlan Vos – Black Armor [Member Stitch]
Deliah Blue [Member RoninJedi]
Aayla Secura [Member Twi’lek Jedi]
Quinlan Vos – Jedi Garb [Member Master Kadel]
Imperial Knight Armor [Member Tusken Lady]

Shaak Ti [Member Furiafelina]
X-Wing Pilot [Member Mnylmn]
Clone Trooper [Member Nagilum]
Fireside Gown [Member Mohmoh]

Depa Billaba [Member Dionaly]
Padme – Pod Race outfit [Member Cora Sha’Atul]
Padme – Beaded Dress outfit [Member Padme911]
Padme – Tatooine Blue Dress [Member LeiaYT1300]
Padme – Geonosis Arena [Member Padme911]
Padme – Blue Nightgown [Member Ember]
Mon Mothma [Member Laurus]
Cloud City Princess Leia [Member LeiaYT1300]
Endor Fatiques [Member Leia]
Mirax Terrix-Jedi Robes [Member Silvra]
Tusken Raider [Member Jediagent]
Theed Invasion Dress [Member Rebel Alliance Barbie]

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