Artist Cards – Wave 5

The next wave of original art from the Artist Trading Card series is making it’s way to our Ebay page. This wave features art from Mike Babinski.

These auctions are a benefit for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and all payments go directly to them. Each auction is for a 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ original piece of art featuring a Rebel Legion member in his/her approved costume. This artwork was created specifically for this set and is a 1 of 1 piece.

Legion Ebay Page

Mike Babinski:
Naboo Pilot [member Schph Gochi]
Female Tusken [member Jada]
Barriss Offee [member Ladyb]
212th Attack Battalion [member Q]
Jawa [member Lady_Jeid1]
Tusken Raider [member Hofmann]
Old Ben Kenobi [member Crazy Old Wizard]
Wedge Antilles – X-wing Pilot [member iam8114]
B-Wing Pilot [member Blue Banshee Leader]
Jawa [member Amalphiea]
Beru Lars [member Mieal Deneb]
Padme Amidala – Deleted Naboo Scene [member Kay_Dee]
Rabe [member Lady Jedi Carenix]
Shmi Skywalker [member Katsu Ma’roy]
Queen Amidala – Traveling Dress [member SisterSola]
Qui-Gon Jinn [member
Queen Amidala – Senate Dress without Cloak [member
Animated Clone [member BlackSnake]
Rabé Flame Handmaiden [member GentleBant]
Battle Handmaiden Eirtaé [member Miana]
Celebration Ceremony [member Queen.Amidala]
Republic Commando Scorch [member AdamScottFM]
Sheltay Retrac [member Naboo_Girl]
Old Republic Jedi [member GQJedi]
Rebel Fleet Trooper [FALLEN REBEL StyEpsen]
Princess Leia [member Princess Sandy]
Y-Wing Pilot [member Bespin Phillips]
GONK DROID [member BocrebJedi]
Luke Skywalker – Death Star [member Anasian Skywalker]
Captain Han Solo – Hoth [member Clone Commander Fox]
New Republic Dress Uniform for Starfighter Command [member IndustrialSizeEd]
Chewbacca [member SoloYT1300]
A-Wing Pilot [member Okami Dai]
Luke Skywalker – Jabba’s Palace [member JedHead]
C3PO Protocal Droid [member Trooper TK409]
Wampa [member Wampadude]
Lobot [member Batman]
Yavin Tech [member Endorscout64]
Chewbacca [member GotWookiee]
Lyn Me – Jabba’s Palace Dancer [member Lyn_Me]

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