Artist Cards – Wave 6

The LAST wave of original art from the Artist Trading Card series is making it’s way to our Ebay page. This wave features art from Mike Babinski, Scott Zambelli, and Thomas Spanos

These auctions are a benefit for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and all payments go directly to them. Each auction is for a 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ original piece of art featuring a Rebel Legion member in his/her approved costume. This artwork was created specifically for this set and is a 1 of 1 piece.

Legion Ebay Page

Mikey Babinski:
Original Sketch Art for the Cover of the Sketchcard set. 8 ½” x 11” sketch that was used for the 1st Card of the set
Original Sketch Art used in the Diplomatic Mission game at Celebration VI; . 8 ½” x 11” sketch

Scott Zambelli:
Queen Amidala [member PrincessAdrelia]
Ahsoka Tano [member PrincessSolo]
Luminara Unduli [member Nolajedi]
ANH Rebel Fleet Trooper [member Var Pallo]
C3PO [member Oblagon]
Jawa [member Vici Karke]
Chewbacca [member The Wookster]
Willrow Hood [member LiteVoyd]
Oola [member Princess Sandy]
Slave Leia [member Lady Vader]
Slave Leia –Sail Barge [member Lady Vader]
Admiral Ackbar [member Terrys]
Slave Leia [member Rey-ah]
ROTJ Endor Trooper [member Crix]
Crix Madine [member Blasty]
Jedi [member Vladric_Yavin] FALLEN REBEL
Han Solo [member propgeek1701] FALLEN REBEL
Jedi [member vampyregodz] FALLEN REBEL
Jedi [member  CrossScar] FALLEN REBEL
Jedi [member k9jedi] FALLEN REBEL
Han Solo [member Fanboy_Solo] FALLEN REBEL
Astraal Vao [member Twi’lek Pam]
Mara Jade in “Arica” disguise [member Lady K]
Delta 1138 “BOSS” [member  Jaster_Mereel]

Thomas Spanos:
Jedi [member CrossScar] FALLEN REBEL
Shaak Ti [member Neimhaille]
Clone Wars Padme -Farewell Dress [member Queen Amidala]
Tenel Ka Djo [member Rebel Alliance Barbie]
Celeste Morne [member  Morcela]
Imperial Knight [member Tusken Lady]
Padawan Asajj Ventress [member Lady B]
Jedi General Rahm Kota [member Koda Vonnor]
Queen Amidala [member Sister Sola]
Padme Amidala EP2 Lake Dress [member Princess Sandy]

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