Commander of the Year

Base Commander of the Year is a person who stood out among everyone to raise their Base or Outpost to new heights and served at least six months in the CO position since the regular Legion elections.

2016Ian as SF Tech
Ian Cook
Iron Edge
2015Jade Judith
Maria Judith Gandia
2014Blair as Han Solo
Vlastimil Sprta
Keith Cassela
Angel Martinez
Suzi Stelling
Rick Bouwhuis
Claudia Riedel
Nomi Darklighter
Dave & Alison Humphrey
Jase Fox
Clone Commander Fox

– – 2016 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Ian Cook (Sunrider Base)
Nominees were: Aidan (Ireland Base), Donald Wicks (Endor Base), Ian Cook (Sunrider Base)

– – 2015 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Maria Judith Gandia ( Puerto Rico Base)
Nominees were: Maria Judith Gandia (Puerto Rico Base), Patrick Gillies (Mountain Base), Brian Pauley (Apollo Base), James Garcia (Kessel Base)

– – 2014 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Vlastimil Sprta (Lion Base)
Nominees were: Blair (Lion Base), Heco-Wan Kenobi (Cathar Outpost)

– – 2013 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Keith Casella (Dagobah Base)
Nominees were: Keith Casella (Sabeuax), Robert Mancera (Roberto Kenobi)

– – 2012 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Angel Martinez (Puerto Rico Base)
Nominees were: Keith Casella (Sabeuax), Matt Hoffman (hofmann), Angel Martinez (RavenApprentice)

 – – 2011 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Suzi Stelling (Elstree Base)
Nominees: Suzi Stelling (Elstree Base), Frank Sommer (German Base Yavin)

– – 2010 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Bouri-Plwel (Rick Bouwhuis)

Nominees were: Bouri-Plwel (Rick Bouwhuis), Luke_Skywalker (Frank Sommer), the.rebel.agent (Diego Arévalo)

– – 2009 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Claudia Riedel (German Base Yavin)

Nominees were: Rick Bouwhuis (Freedom Base), Beth Johnson (Nar Shadda Base), Sofie Uvin (Benelux Base)

– – 2008 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Dave & Alison Humphrey

Nominees were: Dave Humphrey & Alison, Ed Cook, Roberto Mancera.

– – 2007 – –

Commanding Officer of the Year: Jase Fox

Nominees were: Jase Fox, Mary Alice Ladd, Rachel Hullett, Stefaan DeBaer.