Bartlett Parade

Original report by: Phyllis Schulte of Nar Shaddaa Base

This was the 10th year that members of Nar Shaddaa Base and the Midwest Garrison have done the “Death March” in Bartlett, Illinois (USA) for their 4th of July Parade.

Traditionally, this parade seems to take place on the hottest day of the year, but this year we caught a break. The day before was in the 100’s (37-C), but a cool front came through hours before we were set to stage for the parade and we ended up with highs in the mid 80’s (24-C). It was still Hot, but nothing like the days prior.

This photo shows the many faces of Nar Shaddaa Base. Even though not everyone in the photo is wearing a Rebel costume, they are still all present (and one or two future) members of the Base.
(Yes, even Darth Vader himself is also a Rebel Fleet Trooper and part of Renegade Squad.)

Thanks to all of our Rebels who came out! And for the family of Steve Mamman who marched bravely for 2 miles carrying our banner…


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