Corellian Base

CorellianBase-smallWhat area does the base cover? Serving the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, USA

How many members does the base have? 36 members

What is the base’s history? Originally a part of Southern Base, one of the very first Bases formed when the Legion formed; along with the states of Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. With a growth of members in the region, most of those states have formed their own healthy bases, leaving just Tennessee and Kentucky under the Corellian Base banner.

What are some recent events? Cleveland (Tennessee) Public Library, Star Wars Reads Day at West View Elementary School, Spring Carnival of Siskin Hospital, Chattanooga (Tennessee) Spring Fest.

Does the base have any Detachment units? Bloodstripe Squadron (Pilots), Centerpoint Temple (Jedi), Fire Team: Solo Squad (Clones)

Does the base have it’s own website? No, but they are on Facebook.
(click here for their Facebook page)

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