Base Briefing – Elstree Base

ElstreeBase-smallWhat area does the base cover? The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

How many members does the base have? 97

Does the logo have any special meanings to it?  Their logo features the UK national flag, commonly called the “Union Jack” centered inside the rebel firebird design; the word “choice” in Aurek-Besh around the bottom; on a black background.

What is the base’s history? First formed as an outpost in October 2002; received promotion to Base in April 2006.

What are some recent events? Legoland Discovery Centre (Manchester), Fairy Box Children’s Party (Dundee), Maker Faire (Newcastle).

Does the base have any Detachment units? 1138th Krayt Squadron (Pilots), Shadow Unit 77 (Troopers), Elstree Special Ops Squad (Clones), Britannia Temple (Jedi), Azalus Kung Clan (Non-humans), Diamond Delegation (Royalty).

Does the base have it’s own website? Yes –
click here for our homepage;
click here for our Facebook page;
click here for our Twitter page.

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