Base Highlight: Colombia Outpost (English)

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Base/Outpost Name: Colombia Outpost
Location: Colombia
Established: October 30, 2015

Command Staff: 

BCO: Pablo José Rico (Macu Winsan)
BXO: Jose Luis Aponte (Josan Samlun)
BMO: Wilmer Rincon (Renwin de Argol)

At this time Colombia Outpost is composed of four active members.  Our translator, Jennifer Muller Trujillo is a prospective member of the legion. We are Star Wars fans since many years, so we started a fan club called Star Wars Colombia La Vieja República (Star Wars Colombia The Old Republic).  We became involved with Rebel Legion because we are motivated by the social work and to contribute in favor of those who need; that is the main reason why we wanted to belong to this great family. We received support from our legionnaire brothers from Autana Outpost (based in Venezuela): Xiomer Bolivar, Richard Gonzales and Marco Guevara, who guided us in the formation process of our Outpost.  Since we throw our Outpost in SOFA 2015  (Salón del Ocio y la Fantasía. In English: Entertainment and Fantasy Hall) the acceptance has been very good and our interest is to work very hard so we can grow up as an organization and work together for those who need.


At this moment our performed missions are:



  1. SOFA 2015 (Salón del Ocio y la Fantasía. In English: Entertainment and Fantasy Hall).
  2. Official Release of the Laptop Hewlett Packard Star Wars Edition.
  3. A Star Wars Christmas (toy drive to help children of Sentires Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps vulnerable population).
  4. Desert Photo shoot (A photo shoot simulating Tatooine desert).
  5. Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens premiere (invitation from Lucas Film through Disney).
  6. Episode VII the Force Awakens movie invitation with the children of Sentires Foundation.
  7. Gift Delivery and Christmas Celebration in the headquarters of Sentires Foundation for all the children.


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