Bespin Base

Serving Georgia.

Commanding Officer (CO): loosetoon (Steve Vitale)
Executive Officer (XO):  Ultra Chuck (Chuck Walden)
Base Membership Officer: Fuzzy_Jedi_Slippers (Laura Richmond)
Base PR Officer: AhsokaTattoo (Chrissy)

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Bespin Base was formed as an original constituent base of the Rebel Legion in 2000. Georgia Base rebranded itself as “Bespin Base” in 2005 and is now home to Cloud City Temple (Knights of the Jedi Order), Thunder Squad (Clones of the Republic), Lightning Strike Squadron (Rebel Legion Starfighter Command), and Tibanna Storm Clan (The Wretched Hive).

Bespin enjoys strong relationships, including many mutual members, with the Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion, Naast Clan of the Mandalorian Mercs, and other Star Wars clubs.

Favorite troops during the year include the Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Golden Soldiers Big Day Out, Relay for Life, Young Astronaut’s Day at Robins AFB, Dragon*Con, Star Wars Reads Day, Boo at the Zoo, Toys for Tots, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade, Make-A-Wish events, Star Wars author signings, movie releases, sporting events, library events, hospital visits, and community festivals and parades. Off-duty we enjoy armor parties, lightsaber training, our “Pancake Alliance” IHOP dinner group, and an annual cookout at Stone Mountain Park.


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