Hellenic Nevarro Outpost

Serving Greece Commanding Officer (CO):  QuiteGoneJinn (Nikos Papakonstantinou) Executive Officer (XO):  Mar-Wan Lodbek (Marwan Sanoussi) Request Our Appearance Hellenic Nevarro Outpost Forum powered by Advanced iFrame free. Get the Pro version on...

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Kyber Base

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania  

Commanding Officer (CO): AuranMinx (Christina Shaw)
Executive Officer (XO): Seanfass (Sean Fassett)

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Denali Outpost

Serving Alaska

Commanding officer (CO): Fidgit (Melinda Deal)
Executive Officer (XO): ElectronicFerret (Jacquline Yeo)

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Ilum Base

Serving Minnesota

Commanding officer (CO): esheep12 (Katherine Hickman)
Executive Officer (XO): paul_haga (Paul Haga)

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Fulcrum Base

Serving Kentucky

Commanding officer (CO): SirFalconian (Ivan D Bedard)
Executive Officer (XO): J_Gadd (Justin Gadd)

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Spectre Base

Serving the Quebec Region of Canada

Commanding officer (CO): Padakin (Jody)
Executive Officer (XO): hamelingraphix (Rock Hamelin)

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