Diplomatic Mission Game

Diplomatic Mission is our game where players help find and secure the secret Death Star plans. Players have to collect four pieces of the Death Star plans from our members, assemble them on their game badge, and return to the Rebel Base for prizes.

Each play of the game will be different, based on the event where it is being played, and how the local unit wants to play it. Players must get new game badges and game rules at each event where the game is played.

Prizes will vary, depending on what the local unit has secured to give out. Prizes will NOT be mailed out. Players must stop, in person, at the Rebel Base with their ticket or completed badge to receive any prizes. Prizes remaining unclaimed will be donated to a charity of the Legion’s choosing.

Player Information
Game badges should be picked up at the Rebel Legion Base of operations for the event during normal event times. Badges will be handed out on a first-come first-served basis. There will be a limited number of badges, and players are encouraged to pick up their badge as early as possible and hold onto it. Once all badges have been handed out, there will not be any replacements.

During the established times for game play, approach Rebel costumers; show them your badge and say, “I’m on a Diplomatic Mission.” It’s very important that you use this code phrase; it shows you’re not an Imperial Spy! If the costumer is one of our secret agents – they will give you a piece of the Death Star plans (it’s a sticker). There are four (4) pieces to collect to complete the Death Star on your badge. Once you have all four pieces, return to the Rebel Base by 4:21pm to receive a raffle ticket or prize.

Have fun being an “agent” of the Rebel Legion and be sure to stay away from the Imperials.