Cradle of Aviation Museum

Original report by: Chris Feehan of Echo Base

The Rebel Legion’s Echo Base, and the 501st Legion’s Empire City Garrison and Northeast Remnant Garrison appeared at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, Long Island (New York, USA) on Saturday June 16th, 2012 from 11am – 3pm. This event titled “The Empire Strikes the Cradle” was to help raise awareness for this non-profit museum and help them increase attendance. The Cradle of Aviation is Long Island’s Air and Space Museum ( and features an actual unused Moon Lander, planes, and other incredible artifacts from our aviation history. They also have a Dome IMAX, motion rides, and some really impressive exhibits. This was the second time we appeared at the museum and it was a huge success, early indications are they had over 5 times their usual attendance. They were incredibly appreciative for our presence there, and hope to continue to have us back in the future for Father’s Day weekend. We all had a great time taking photos with guests, handing out cards, and checking out the exhibits at the museum. The museum staff requested we take a walk down the block to the historic Nunley’s Carousel, which they also maintain, and it was a fun and surreal experience. We were also able to do Shoot-A-Trooper for charity throughout the day, and raised $135 for the Pinwheel project. The Pinwheel Project is a local charity in NY that brings games, activities, toys, and treats to children at local area hospitals.

Additional photos can be found in the original Mission Report here: (

We would like to thank everyone who attended for their support, especially those who came from locations far far away. Special thanks to all the family members and friends of the costumers who assisted with getting us dressed, taking photos, keeping us organized, and running the Shoot-A-Trooper event. Eric, Vicky, Jennifer, Erin, and Candace did a great job taking photos and helping guide us around, and other family members and friends pitched in to help as well. Without all your help and support, we would not be able to do what we do. We would also like to thank guest photographer Christopher Pasatieri for coming by to take individual photos of us, and Jason Colflesh who took photos throughout the day.
RL Attendees List:

  • Danielle Bonardi (Recruit / Jedi)
  • Michael Ciaravino (Rebel Fleet Trooper)
  • Chris Clarke (Figrin Dan)
  • Patrick Delieto (Rebel Trooper & Jedi)
  • Jackie Hannon (X-Wing Pilot)
  • Rachel K. (X-Wing Pilot)
  • Dan King (Admiral Ackbar)
  • Tom Peterson (Jedi)
  • Daniel Reiser (Jedi)
  • Sharon Reiser (Jedi)

ECG Attendees List:

  • David Braun (Sandtrooper)
  • Leonard Buccellato (Stormtrooper)
  • Daniel Burke (Biker Scout)
  • Chris Feehan (Emperor)
  • Candace Gelfman-Platania (Costume Support)
  • John Hopper (Commander Gree)
  • AJ Hopper (Mini Prototype Fett)
  • Joel Jackel (Jawa)
  • Rachel K. (Sandtrooper)
  • Ron Lares (Darth Vader)
  • Gerrit Overeem (Stormtrooper)
  • Anthony Pinder (Stormtrooper)
  • Lou Platania (Boba Fett )
  • Mark Rentflejs (Biker Scout)
  • Eric Seeman (Costume Support)
  • Nicolae Vlahov (Special Opperations Trooper)

NER Attendees List:

  • Scott Byrne (Officer)
  • James Hannon (TIE Pilot)
  • Michelle Peterffy (Officer)
  • James Thompson (Admiral Thrawn)

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