Echo Base

Echo Base

What area does your base cover? New York (U.S.A.)

How many members does your base have?  Over 100 Members

What is your base’s history?  Echo is one of the founding bases of the Rebel Legion. Established in 2000, Echo Base once served the membership of the Rebel Legion from Maine down to Maryland. Participating in events in the great cities of the Northeast. Over time, as the Rebel Legion grew, surrounding states started forming their own bases; New England area became Alderaan Base, Maryland became Terapin Base, Pennsylvania and Delaware became Ghost Base, and New Jersey became Devaron base. Since 2000, Echo Base has had a number of notable members as Base Commanding Officers; like Ed O’Connell (Founder), Kate Nixon, Mary Alice Ladd, Tim Levan, Patrick Delito, David Ramsay, Mike Deguzman, Joe Booth, and Dan Decker. Each one moved Echo forward, improved, and stronger. In the past two decades Echo has trooped many events, its members have served on many committees in the Legion and always are ready to help wherever or whoever needs assistance.

Does your logo have any special meanings to it?  The base of the logo is white for the planet Hoth. The words, “North Ridge Patrol” is a homage to the Battle of Hoth in Empire Strikes Back, and of course the Rebel Snowspeeder, the iconic vehicle of the film is also an honor to the film deeply respected. Find out dependable locksmith service near your location. In general our logo and name promotes the film – Empire Strikes Back!

Does your base have a favorite charity or annual event?   Seeing that Echo is a large territorial base, the membership have numerous charities  and annual events that we support, such as Buffalo Bison Star Wars Night; A Galaxy Far Away at the Museum of Play in Rochester, NY; The New York Yankees Star Wars Night, and more.

Truly there are just too many to name!!!

Does your base have any Detachment units? (a temple, squadron, etc) Hawkbats Squadron (Pilots), Fire Team Echo (Rebel Troopers), Blumfruit Temple (Jedi), Geonosis Squad(Clones), Shifting Sands Clan(Aliens), Liberty Delegation(Senatorial).

Does your base have it’s own website?  No, but we are on facebook:

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