Election Results for 2012-2013

Our yearly election cycled ended on Sunday, September 30. As all the results are verified and officers given their ranks and choose their support staff over the coming week, here are results for the top officers.

Congratulations to:

Jason “Commander Cody” Rutledge – Legion Commanding Officer

Kristy  “Anaria Zar-Rel” Glasgow – Legion Administrative Council

Robert “SoloYT1300” Kohn – Legion Administrative Council

Sandy “Princess Sandy” – Legion Administrative Council

Alex “Orion Knight-Star” McKeel – Legion Administrative Council

Joel “Shivannd” Webne – Legion Administrative Council

Jon “HazardThree” Paulson – Starfighter Command Detachment CO

Michel “Jedi_Boyer” Boyer – R.A.I.D. Detachment CO

Markus “Q” Zimmerman – Clones of the Republic Detachment CO

Raychel “RebelSenator” Enck – Galactic Senate Detachment CO

Claudia “Darklighter” Riedel – Galactic Strategic Command Detachment CO

Conley “Nikkos Khann” Nichols – Docking Bay 94 Detachment CO

Jada “Jada” Marnew – The Wretched Hive Detachment CO


Members should check with their Base or Outpost for the results of unit elections, and check out the Rebel Briefing forum to sign-up for Legion committees and our other Legion officer positions up for selection find best airbnb cleaning san francisco ca. Thank you to everyone who participated in the elections!

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