Endor Base

Serving Northern California 

Commanding Officer (CO): Shrey (Shelley Hawkins)
Executive Officer (XO): rhythmichigh (Lindsay)


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Endor Base serves Northern and Central California. You’ll find many heroes of the Star Wars universe here including Jedi, Royalty, Pilots, troopers, smugglers a wookiee, and more!

Through our partnership with the 501st Legion, we have participated in many charity events over the years. Our members have proudly assisted in raising thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations including Make-a-Wish, The American Cancer Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Red Cross, Autism Speaks, various educational foundations, and hospitals. We also pay visits to children at various hospitals throughout California.

You can find us at many fun community events each year including the Oakland Holiday Parade, the Modesto Light parade, The Marin County Fair, Free Comic-Book Day festivities, and special movie screenings. You’ll also find us at local sporting events for the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, Sacramento River Cats, and Modesto Nuts on Star Wars days.


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