Fundraiser for Nate

Original report by: Crystal von Oy, Alpha Base

Fundraiser-Nate-2On Saturday February 23rd members of Alpha Base and Garrison Titan gathered to help one of their own members, Darthspike, who’s son, Nate, is prone to epileptic seizures, which have the potential to be life threatening. The event was a fundraiser to help them obtain a seizure assist dog for Nate.

Here is a story about Nate in our local paper that ran in early February 2013 [click here]

The fundraiser drew many people with a bake sale, raffle, a big bouncy house castle and slide. There was also a photo booth where people could have their photo taken with the Star Wars characters as well as an informal blast-a-trooper, where even an Ewok got into the fun! Together with the bake sale, raffle, our photo booth and blast-a-trooper, we helped raise almost $2500, in less than 3 hours!!

This is a quote from Darthspike himself: “A big warm thank you again to everyone that attended! The troop was a huge success and I am happy to say that we raised the remaining money needed for Nate and also raised extra money to donate to the twin boys from Seattle who are in need of a dog too! A truly amazing amount of $2496 dollars Total was raised!!! Thank you my friends for making this such a wonderful and fun event for all!”

Members in attendance:
Darthspike (Clone Commander Wolffe) Alpha Base/Garrison Titan
Darkside (Darth Vader) Garrison Titan
boomerang (Jedi) Alpha Base
Vultren (Darth Revan) Garrison Titan
shinchan (Sand Trooper) Garrison Titan
JEDISTAR (Stormtrooper) Garrison Titan
Shalamar (Photo booth) Garrison Titan
Selah205 (Republic Commando Niner) Garrison Titan
Princess Cryvo (ANH Leia/Ewok) Alpha Base
gymbeau2000 (Boba Fett) Garrison Titan
Sithspawn (Spotter/Photo) Garrison Titan
Brent (Stormtrooper) Garrison Titan
Elytra (Jedi) Alpha Base
skithas (Tie Pilot) Garrison Titan
luthien (Tie Pilot) Garrison Titan
Marvin (Last minute spotter) Alpha Base
patgund (Snow Trooper) Garrison Titan
Toddo (Nova Elite Trooper) Garrison Titan
Hendel D’bu (Jedi) Alpha Base
Ari C’rona (Jedi) Alpha Base
Folard-Toz (X-Wing Pilot) Alpha Base
lmerritt (Spotter) Garrison Titan
CarolS (photographer) Garrison Titan

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