Granting a Wish for Mitchell

Origianal report by: Dark Radiance, Rogue Base

MitchellOn January 7, 2013 at 9:10 AM, the monthly assembly for Oak Hollow Elementary in Draper, Utah was the location of where the Knights sent from the Jedi Council would meet Mitchell and discover if he had completed his trials successfully. The following is what transpired:

The landing party consisted of Jedi Master Kleb Galron (Jakob Tice), Jedi Knights Jarren Maddox (Dave LaTomme) and Kaleb Flynn (Adam d’Hulst), X-Wing Pilot Tianili “Wraith” Jinn (Jill Hatch) and protocol droid C-3PO (Shawn Gordon). Also in attendance (incognito) was Spotter/Photographer Shane Gordon who recorded everything. When the party arrived, things were not going well. They were supposed to rendez-vous with Princess Leia (Elizabeth Boggess-Hales) and the Ambassadors from Make-A-Wish, but they were missing.

They decided to enlist the services of bounty hunter Jango Fett (Mike Handy) to locate the Ambassadors as they searched for Leia. She soon arrived being pursued by a Snowtrooper from the Empire (Cameron John). With the help of the Padawan students of Oak Hollow, the Jedi were able to use a Mind Trick to get the trooper to leave without anyone getting harmed.

Leia then revealed that the reason she was late was that the medal she had brought for the new Jedi had been stolen by Darth Vader (Brady Hales). The Sith Lord arrived, medal in hand, to crash the party and invite the young Padawans to join the Dark Side instead. The Jedi asked the students to choose who they supported, and the Light Side prevailed. With the help of the Vice Principal, Vader was convinced to do the right thing by returning the medal to Leia and apologizing to her.

C-3PO then came forward and gave his report of the trials that had been completed. Mitchell had proven his skills in organization, concentration and focus, physical prowess, and sacrifice. Impressed by Mitchell’s progress in only a month’s time, the Jedi invited him to come forward and invited him to be knighted on the spot. Mitchell accepted, and with his family and school watching on, was given the rank of Jedi Knight. He was given the medal and presented with his first training lightsaber.

Jango Fett finally arrived with the Ambassadors from Make-a-Wish (though he originally brought Chewbecca the Wookiee [Dartanian Richards], mistaking him for whom the Jedi were looking for). The Ambassadors arrived to present Mitchell with his first mission as a Jedi Knight: Go to Disney World and have a good time.

The members of Rogue Base and the Alpine Garrison presented the Harline family with a signed copy of the script and posed for photographs for and answered questions from representatives with Make-A-Wish and KSL 5 News.

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