Guaynabo St Patrick’s Day Parade

Original report by: Angel Martinez, Puerto Rico Base

Guaynabo-Parade-2013-1On Sunday March 16th Puerto Rico Base marched for the second year in a row in the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade. This year the Parade celebrated its 18th anniversary! The Parade was held on the city of Guaynabo on St Patrick’s Avenue.

This Year the Parade Honored Local TV Reporter Keyla Hernandez & Firefighter Chief Ángel Crespo.

It was another great event for Puerto Rico Base! And we feel very proud of participating on an event that not only brings happiness to the community but also gives the proceeds to 10 non-profit organizations. May the Force be with you!

Thanks to these members for marching:Guaynabo-Parade-2013-2
Angel (RavenApprentice)
Carlos (Carl-Solo)
Ineabelle (FuriaFelina)
William (Wideko Deskort)
Jorge (Master Kadel)
German (DJElJedi)
Gio (Lillith)
Chartlie (Charls)
Juli (Tanochi)
Delirys (Daina7X)
David (D. Shadows)
Robert (Jedi Rob)
Arnaldo (Ardran Darkus)
Padawan: Raziel

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