Highlight: Apollo Base

Location: Ohio USA

Established: November 27, 2015

Command Staff:
BCO: Briankenobi (Brian Pauley)
BXO: bountyhunterq (Dave Quillen)
BMO: Bacca9 (Jamie Arielle)

Apollo Base is the latest branch of the Rebel Legion with deep ties in Ohio.  As part of the Great Lakes Base, which originally covered Michigan and Ohio, our members attended over 200 events a year.  During its 5 year run, Michigan and Ohio experienced a lot of growth in members, which lead to the states separating into their own bases.  Now with the inception of Apollo Base, Ohio is poised to continue to serve The Buckeye State with over 100 events every year.

Some of the high profile events we attend every year are:
-The Columbus Clippers (AAA baseball team for the Cleveland Indians)
-The Cincinnati Reds game
-Yuri’s Night (a celebration of space and astronauts)

We continue to grow and have a very diverse character roster.  We have a number of Wookiees and Jawas and we still have more people working on those costumes.  Apollo Base is looking to continue to represent the Rebel Legion the best we can because “it’s what we do.”

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