International Children’s Day

The Rebel Legion Puerto Rico Base were special guests at the Children’s Museum of Carolina Annual Celebration “International Children’s Day”. The museum held a fair with Medical informative stations, massage stations, physical therapy, live music and of course The Rebel Legion 🙂


We had a Rebel Legion command post at this event that began at 10:00am and ended at 5:00PM on Saturday april 20th. Our Rebel Legion tent included 3 tables, one informative table to promote the Legion and 2 coloring stations for the kids.


The kids had the opportunity to spend time with their favorite Star Wars characters while coloring Star Wars designs. We awarded them with Rebel Legion and Puerto Rico Base pins!


Rebel Legion Members at the event: 1-Angel (RavenApprentice) – BCO 2-Carlos (Car_Solo) – BXO 3-Gretchen (Teena Skyblade) 4-David (D. Shadows) 5-Delirys (Daina7X) 6-Juli (Tanochi) 7-Dianne (DiiVisasMarr13) 8-Eddie (Droid Collector) 9-Gio (Lillith) 10-Arnaldo (Ardran Darkus) 11-Eric (Master Jederic) 12-Charlie (Charls) 13-Robert (JediRob)


We were honored to have the opportunity to represent The Rebel Legion in this activity! And look forward for next years event! We are the Good Guys! May the Force be with you . . . :ben:

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