Joliet Library – 2013

Original report by: Phyllis Schulte, Nar Shaddaa Base

JolietLibrary-2013-1On June 1, 2013 Nar Shaddaa Base was on hand along with members of Dantooine Base and Mos Espa Base for the 4th Annual Joliet Library Star Wars Day. In addition to the Rebel Legion, there were members from the 501st Legion, Mandolorian Mercs, The Jedi Assembly and the R2 Builders.

JolietLibrary-2013-3In all, around 80 costumed people were on hand at the two venues for this event. The Empire occupied the Joliet Public Library and the Joliet Historical Society was home to the Rebel Base. We also had artists Dave Dorman, Mikey Babinski, Janine Jender, Steve Palanica and Jim Tampa. And if that wasn’t enough for you… Honorary Member Orli Shoshan (pictured at right) was also appearing!

Our members spent the day taking photos with lines of kids, manning the Rebel Base displays, inducting artist Mikey Babinski as an Honorary Member, and helping run a Star Wars Academy (a Clone Bootcamp game for kids). A short video of our Star Wars Academy showing RFT Steve Szyndrowski putting kids thru the paces of being a Clone. –

JolietLibrary-2013-2 JolietLibrary-2013-4






Thanks to all the members for coming out and supporting the library!

Additional photos can be found HERE

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