Joliet Library Star Wars Day

Original report by: Phyllis Schulte of Nar Shaddaa Base

It took only two short years, and Star Wars Day at the Joliet Public Library (Joliet, Illinois, USA) outgrew the historic and large inside of the library – so we took it to the streets! After the City of Joliet found out that Star Wars Day #2 (in 2011) brought over 1,500 people through the doors of the Joliet Main Library, they decided that this event did indeed have merit.

So, for year three, on June 2, 2012, the City blocked off a street and gave the costumers volunteering for the day an entire building across the street from the library to use for staging and tote storage. They also cooked and served breakfast and lunch for all participants. Thank You!

Nar Shaddaa Base, Midwest Garrison, Midwest Order of The Jedi Assembly and the Midwest R2 Builders were on hand to be the “set decoration”, run some of the events, and put together a monster display of costumes.


Besides roaming the halls of the library, costumers helped the library staff with games, trivia, and entertainment for the kids. The staff even built a Trash Compactor Dive!




After the event, there was a special sparkling grape juice toast to Honorary Member Dave Dorman (who was in attendance all day) for his 25 years as a Star Wars Artist.




For more photos of the days fun, visit Phyllis’s photobucket album:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16

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