Kyle Katarn (Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II)

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Kyle Katarn was a famous Human male Rebel operative from Sulon and later a Jedi of the New Jedi Order. He was a former Imperial stormtrooper who defected to the Rebellion. Often paired with fellow Rebel agent and smuggler Jan Ors, he performed many covert missions for the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic, including the sabotage of the Dark Trooper Project.

Katarn was later informed of his Force sensitivity, and taught himself to become a Jedi while in search of the Valley of the Jedi. During this journey, he confronted the dark side within both himself and in the form of the Dark Jedi Jerec and his minions. After defeating them, Katarn went on to become a Jedi Master, teaching at the Jedi Praxeum. He participated in the offensives against the Yuuzhan Vong and became a part of the Jedi High Council in the New Jedi Order. (Source Wookieepedia)


[box]1. Light gray crew-neck undershirt[/box] [box]2. Long sleeved collarless off-white or beige pullover shirt with narrow “V” or “U” cut at the neck and black panels under arms[/box] [box]3. Light to medium brown suede/suede-type shoulder pad on right shoulder[/box] [box]4. Medium to dark brown leather or vinyl forearm bracers[/box] [box]5. Black pants[/box] [box]6. Brown wide utility belt with narrower over-belt and double buckles[/box] [box]7. Brown or black hi-boots, or low-boots with black leg spats[/box] [box]8. EITHER a pistol blaster in cross-draw holster, OR a green or yellow lightsaber[/box] [box]9. Accurate hair and beard[/box]


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Credit: Koda Vonnor (Bill Costigan)

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