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What area does your base cover? – Lion Base covers the area of the Czech Republic (in the middle of Europe).

How many members does your base have? – We have 27 active members and new ones are still coming.

What is your base’s history? – The beginning of Lion Base dates to the end of 2009. In that time Czech Rebel Legion members started to promote the Rebel Legion and its mission by holding panels and discussions and by enticing other costume enthusiasts to improve their costumes and join the Legion. On the August 31, 2010 their efforts were rewarded with a success – the official approval of Lion Base as the unit of Rebel Legion serving the Czech Republic. Five founding members were Padme Andrea, Bossi, Kendra, Blair and Jekkyl. Soon the number of members was growing and the outpost with it. During the first year we’ve attended the great variety of events – sci-fi and fantasy conventions, entertaining events and afternoons for children, film music concerts, meetings with actors etc. Many of these events were entertainment events, but there were also many charity events. Not only we’ve attended events held in the Czech Republic, but we’ve also attended foreign events in nearby Poland, for example. In one year only, the number of members grew from 5 to 17 people (with more than 40 costumes). On September 9, 2011 the unit successfully finished its one year probation period and was officially promoted to base – Lion Base.


First Lion Base (Lion Outpost) event during 2010.


Does your logo have any special meanings to it? – It is easy to notice that the main motive of our logo is a lion. In this case the lion is not meant as the king of all animals, but this lion is the age-long symbol of Czech statehood. The Czech Lion has been part of coat of arms of many Czech rulers already in middle ages, so nowadays it is one of symbols inherently connected with the Czech Republic. In this way we, as well as Polish Eagle Base, uniquely reflect our states’ “animal symbols” in our Rebel Legion logos.

Does your base have a favorite charity or annual event? – Since Lion Base was established its members regularly and actively attend both local and foreign sci-fi conventions (Koprcon, Festival Fantazie, Starforce etc.), toy fares (ITEA, For Toys etc.), thematic film music concerts and the great variety of charity events (voluntary blood donations, collections and events for Krtek foundation, collections and events for Kapka naděje foundation etc.). These named here are all the regular ones and our favourite ones. To pick just two, for example two… Our most favourite annual convention is probably Koprcon – a small convention aimed mainly at Star Wars fans where Czech community of Star Wars fan meets and where the atmosphere is very friendly and enjoyable. From charity events we greatly enjoy events for Krtek foundation, especially its regular Magic Halloween afternoons where not only we are dressed in costumes, but children as well, and where we prepare funny disciplines for children to accomplish in order to gain some sweet treats.


Hospital visit and fist big cooperation with Kapka naděje foundation.

What are some recent events you’ve had? – One of recent events we’ve attended has been Vánoční koncert filmové hudby (Christmas Film Music Concert) of Prague Film Orchestra held in the hall of Rudolfinum, Prague. Another recent event has been Christmas party in children centre Motýlek in Kopřivnice (a specialized primary school for children with various psychical and physical disorders), where we’ve entertained children with prepared program and where we’ve, together with several other organizations, handed over a financial donation to this school. Truly the most recent event we’ve attended was sci-fi/fantasy/comics/game convention called PragoFFest.

Does your base have any Detachment units? (a temple, squadron, ect) – At the moment we can be proud of the first and only approved Fringe detachment unit in the Legion, Hangar Bay called Corellian Sea Ray Dock. Several other detachment units (pilots, soldiers, jedi) are in different stages of establishment process.

Does your base have it’s own website? – Our main site is You can also stay in touch and be informed about our activities through our Facebook page, where we post both in our native language and in English.


Lion Base members during PragoFFest 2013.

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