Lion Base

Serving Czech Republic and Slovakia

Commanding Officer (CO): Blair (Vlastimil Sprta)
Executive Officer (XO): Margh (Karel Škop)


The beginning of Lion Base dates to the end of 2009. In that time Czech Rebel Legion members started to promote the Rebel Legion and its mission by holding panels and discussions and by enticing other costume enthusiasts to improve their costumes and join the Legion.

On the August 31, 2010 their efforts were rewarded with a success – the official approval of Lion Base as the unit of Rebel Legion serving the Czech Republic. Soon the number of members was growing and the outpost with it. During the first year we’ve attended the great variety of events – sci-fi and fantasy conventions, entertaining events and afternoons for children, film music concerts, meetings with actors etc. Many of these events were entertainment events, but there were also many charity events.

Not only we’ve attended events held in the Czech Republic, but we’ve also attended foreign events in nearby Poland, for example.

On September 9, 2011 the unit successfully finished its one year probation period and was officially promoted to base – Lion Base.


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