Member Dossier: Blue

Beth Thornton, Blue – from Nar Shaddaa Base

When did you join the Legion?
April, 2005

Why did you join the Legion?
I thought it looked like fun.

What is your favorite costume to wear?
Star Wars: Princess Leia
Non Star Wars: Phoenix (x-men)



Beth & Trent – photo by Bryan Humphry

How has being a member affected your life?
I met my husband by being a member. (Her husband is fellow member Trent Thornton – CC585.) I’ve also made friends across the globe that I would not have been able to do without being a member of the RL.

What would be your dream event to participate in?
I enjoy participating most different types of events.

What has been your favorite event to participate in?
Star Wars day at Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Do you volunteer with other organizations?
I play in the clarinet section of the Sheboygan Pops Concert Band and I am the Treasurer for Pine Ridge Campground in Waldo, WI.

What is your real life job?
I work in Treasury and Risk Management for a company in Milwaukee, WI.

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