Member Dossier: Commander Cody

Jason Rutledge, Commander Cody – Bespin Base

Rebel Legion Commanding Officer

When did you join the Legion?


Why did you join the Legion?

To further my knowledge of Star Wars costumes and to troop with like-minded individuals.

What is your favorite costume to wear? (Star Wars or not)

Animated Commander Cody

If time and money were no issue, what would your dream costume be?

If I had the correct body type? C-3PO.

How has being a member affected your life?

I’ve met some fantastic people through the Legion and am grateful for all the friends I have met through my experience!

What would be your dream event to participate in?

Any Make-A-Wish event, hands-down, those are the more rewarding events.

What has been your favorite event to participate in?

I don’t have one, but Star Wars Celebrations 5 & 6 come to mind, as does the local Holiday parade called “Parade of Lights” in Athens, Georgia. The parade takes place at night in early December. The streets are lined with Christmas lights and all the floats are decorated for the holiday. The crowds are always enthusiastic and cheer us on through the parade.

Do you volunteer with other organizations?

501st Legion.

What is your real life job?

Building Manager.

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