Member Dossier: Imrageth

Imrageth-3Roman Bela of Elstree Base

When did you join the Legion?
July 2012

Why did you join the Legion?
I always wanted to get a Jedi costume and when I got one, I found out that I can do something good having some fun at the same time. Also my friend mentioned RL to me and it sounded like a great idea.



Imrageth-4What is your favorite costume to wear?
Animated Captain Rex

If time and money were no issue, what would your dream costume be?
Iron Man

How has being a member affected your life?
I met so many great people and stopped wasting my free time. Rebel Legion provides with many different activities, not only troops 😉

What would be your dream event to participate in?
Star Wars Celebration

What has been your favorite event to participate in?
Dreamflight, London Expo

Do you volunteer with other organizations?
Yes, the 501st Legion

What is your real life job?
I am still a student.


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