Member Dossier: Obi Anne

Obi_Anne-1Johanna Nybelius of Nordic Base

When did you join the Legion? 2002

Why did you join the Legion?
At that time the legion wasn’t much more than a place to have a picture of your costume up on the web somewhere. My first costume was a Padm√© costume, and at first I didn’t even understand that prequel costumes were allowed there as well. When I got the explanation that the legion was for all “good guy” costumes it was a natural step for me to join.

What is your favorite costume to wear?
My favorite costume is my cancan trooper costume, which is a cancan outfit modeled after a stormtrooper costume. As for my favorite Rebel Legion costume it depends on the event. I love my A-wing pilot costume, and it’s really comfortable, but it’s only fun to wear at big Star Wars events, like Celebrations. At smaller events most people in the audience wonder what I’m doing with the Star Wars people. I also like wearing my Amidala Purple Travel Gown, because I’m proud of my work on it and it makes me feel really regal.
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If time and money were no issue, what would your dream costume be?
More of Amidala’s costumes, for example her black travel gown or the cut senate dress from Attack of the Clones.

How has being a member affected your life?
It has sure taken its toll on my wallet… haha. No becoming a member made me even more interested in costuming, and I’ve become more invested in striving for accuracy and perfection. Through the legion I also have the possibility to use my costumes. I’m interested in other costume genres as well, but I don’t spend as much time and money on them because that would feel wasted when I don’t have any opportunities to wear them. With my Star Wars costumes I know that I have many chances to wear them every year.

What would be your dream event to participate in?
Probably being on stage during a concert with Star Wars music. I would have loved to see or troop at Star Wars in Concert, but it never toured the Nordic Countries.

What has been your favorite event to participate in?
I love the Jedi-Cons that take place in Germany, the last one was in 2010. They are quite small, but really relaxed and you get to experience the pure fun of being a fan with other dedicated fans.

Do you volunteer with other organizations?
I’m also a member of the 501st and I’m a Regional Support Administrator for FanForce Europe.

What is your real life job?
I’m a museum pedagogue at the historical mine and World Heritage Site of Falu Gruva, Sweden. A great place when you need to take photos of your tusken but don’t have time to go to Tatooine.

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