Member Dossier: Skywalker2b

Steve Michadick, Skywalker2B – Freedom Base

When did you join the Legion?

16 July 2012

Why did you join the Legion?

I’ve loved SW since I was 7 and always love seeing people dressed in SW costumes. Finally decided to take part and join the fun. Why Rebel vs. 501st? Because I’ve always favored the good guys.

What is your favorite costume to wear? (Star Wars or not)

The only one I have, so far. One day I hope to be able to say that it’s Corran Horn.

If time and money were no issue, what would your dream costume be?

I’d love to do a really articulate Admiral Ackbar. I’ve loved Ackbar since seeing him as a mail away “Revenge of the Jedi” figure on the card backs for ESB.  I’d also love to do a really good Luke on Tauntaun.

How has being a member affected your life?

I’ve done two troops so far: Spotsylvania Stars & Stripes Spectacular, and the National Symphony Orchestra’s Tribute to John Williams at the Wolf Trap. Both were extremely hot, but I had a great time at both. I find myself constantly looking at RL stuff and telling people about the Legion. I’m really looking forward to CVI!

What would be your dream event to participate in?

The premiere of Episode VII.

What has been your favorite event to participate in?

I’ve loved both of the troops I’ve done so far. I love meeting other costumers and seeing their costumes. I don’t foresee doing a troop that I don’t like, so I can’t really answer this question.

Do you volunteer with other organizations?

My wife and I are leaders for our church’s AWANAS program. We work with the K5-2nd grade kids. I also volunteer for various instrumental groups through our church (where I play trombone).  I’m also the XO of an online writer’s group called Red Squadron. It started out as a group of players of LucasArts’ X-Wing simulator games, but, since the game’s time has passed, we’ve evolved into a writers group. We’re always looking for new members, so if you’re interested, come check us out at and

What is your real life job?

I’m an Asset Manager for the USMC.

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