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In Memoriam – Craig Bush

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Craig Bush — Central Base Craig was one of the first Jedi in the Omaha area and one of the first Central Base members in the state of Nebraska. An excerpt from his obituary: “Loving parents, adoring wife, sweet children, faithful friends, and kind and loving siblings. Craig has been a influence for good in the hearts and lives of many and has taught others how to show courage and optimism in the face of adversity. He found the value of joy and laughter and friendship, and family love. His example will have a ripple effect for...

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In Memoriam – Mike Galer

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Mike Galer— Central Base Mike was instrumental in building up others and making the 621st Detention Squad – 501st Legion the best it could be. Through the years he so freely gave of himself through charity events, supporting the Special Olympics, and mentoring. He was a welder by trade, and it was during a particular work incident that he earned the nickname Pooh Bear that has stuck ever since. Left to cherish his memory are his wife, Missy (TK-4839) of Sioux Falls; sons, Jacob who is stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base and Logan of...

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In Memoriam — Mel Knowles

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Mel Knowles— Central Base Mel was a long-time member serving in both Rebel Legion Central Base and 501st Legion Central Garrison in Fargo, ND. He spent many troops in his clone commander Vill, clone commander Appo, and Republic commando Boss armors. Troopers in the area always knew if Mel was around, things would be a good time. Some words to describe Mel – big heart, full spirit, generous, spontaneous, amazing, great father, great husband, and the best friend anyone could have. Those he left behind will miss him dearly. We are going to...

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In Memoriam — Brian “Bri-Gon” Rittel

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  Brian “Bri-Gon” Rittel — Central Base Central Base bears the loss of one of our amazing members. Brian made frequent appearances as his X-Wing Pilot as well as his custom Mando and was well-loved and respected by many of the Star Wars club members in Iowa. He was a founding member of the Vhett Manda MMCC clan, as well as their first Ver’alor. He has been recognized and honored by the Vhett Manda clan, as well as Rebel Legion Starfighter Command. Outside of Star Wars, he was a loving and caring husband and father, as...

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In Memoriam — Pete (Walker Sky) Cagle

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  Pete Cagle — Kessel Base The Jedi Council bears the loss of Jedi Master Pete (Walker Sky) Cagle. Jedi Master Cagle was a well-respected Jedi in Star Temple and Kessel Base. A wonderful grandfather, father, and husband. He was a pillar of the West Texas costuming community and he will truly be missed. Rebel Legion has awarded Jedi Master Cagle the Medal of Valor posthumously in honor of his dedication and service to the Legion and his acts of servitude. Rest well Master Jedi as you have now become one with the...

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In Memoriam — Art Liu (Kuang-Hung Liu)

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Art was a great pilot who worked for China Airlines and enjoyed his time in the sky. He was also a huge Star Wars fan since childhood. His favorite costume in the Rebel Legion was the X-Wing pilot, just like his job as a commercial airline pilot. Art also loved collecting lightsabers and had 8 of them in his Star Wars collection.

He already finished his pilot costume and started to make his Jedi costume just one week before his passing. He was that close to joining this big family as an active member of the Taiwan Outpost, but sadly this dream would never come true.

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In Memorial – Terry Cannon

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Grampy-Wan (Terry Cannon) was a nine year veteran of the Rebel Legion, costuming as a Jedi, a Pilot, an RFT, and he was seen every year of Phoenix Comic Con playing poker for charity in his favorite costume, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
A polio survivor, he never let his disabilities get in the way of doing good, especially for charities involving sick children. He was a founding member of Mos Eisley Base, as well as a member of the RLSC, the KJO, and RAID. He left us for the galaxy far, far away on October 4, 2016 at the age of 62.

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In Memoriam – Justin Craig Manning

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Justin “Phantom6” Manning
joined with the Force at the age of 43 on Sunday morning, January 17th after a hard-fought battle with cancer. He was a member of the Rebel Legion since 2003, and a two-term BCO of Alderaan Base. Though his battle required him to move to inactive status, he was never far away, and often attended events, his camera in hand. Always at his best when he was making sure others were having a great time, he went out of his way to ensure everyone felt welcome. Justin made friends wherever he went, and will be missed by everyone in the New England costuming community.

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In Memoriam – Taggart Cline

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Taggart Cline – March 18, 1974 – May 12, 2014

Taggart battled diabetes and several other health issues but was on the mend when he died suddenly of complications.

Graduated from Waukesha South High School in 1992 and from UW-Whitewater with an associate degree in computer graphics. Tag worked for Waukesha Head Start Program with pre-school children for two years. He worked most of his adult life in restaurant management. He was a member of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costuming group that does charitable appearances for children.

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In Memoriam – Jeroen Michiels

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Jeroen ”JeroenM” Michiels – Benelux Base July 19, 1992 – May 6 2015
Jeroen was a passionate and motivated member and BMO of our base. We will miss him very much.Jeroen, you stay our Jeroen, our Luke Skywalker, our friend. We will never forget you. You stay one of us.
Thank you for everything…
Thank you buddy…
Be one with the Force!

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