Mos Espa Base

Serving Indiana

Commanding Officer (CO): shadow5606 (Cliff Snyder)
Executive Officer (XO): SirenD (Damien Anne Siegle)


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Mos Espa Base Indianapolis is the is the racing capital of the world, and nothing shows that racing spirit in Star Wars like Mos Espa, home of the Boonta Eve Classic. Mos Espa Base was founded in 2009 as the sister group to Indiana’s Bloodfin Garrison. The base includes the subgroups of Massiff Squadron, Temple Arkanis, the Boonta Eve Clan, and the 307th Desert Rats, named for the day the base was approved, July 30.

You can find us at many events around the state, including GenCon, May the Fourth library events, Charlestown Star Wars Day, the Evansville Children’s Museum, the Indianapolis Indians Star Wars night, collecting toys for Riley Kids at Scotty’s Brewhouse, or supporting our local roller derby squads.


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