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Original report by: Vlastimil Sprta, Lion Base

Kapka naděje is one of the biggest foundation funds for helping ill children (especially children with disorders of blood formation, cancer and children whose ailment requires bone marrow transplantation) in the Czech Republic. This foundation funds and organizes many charity collections, events and activities, which bring smiles those who really need it the most. One such event is the celebration of the first day in a new school year in Motol Faculty Hospital. This event is held for children hospitalized at the Pediatric Clinic for hematology and oncology.

This year the organizers decided to leave their traditional approach of inviting clowns, jesters and fairytale characters (suitable mostly only for the youngest children) and invited Lion Base instead. They gave us the opportunity to make these ill children smile and stare in astonishment.

Our members prepared a short entertaining show, which included guessing the names of characters and the staged lightsaber-fight. Besides that we distributed activity brochures with Star Wars riddles, crosswords and coloring pictures among the children, so they could fill them in and color them when they get bored lying in the hospital bed. They could also try what it is like to be a Jedi Knight and hold and pose with a lightsaber. It really surprised us that not only were the children immensely happy to see us, but also they were extremely well acquainted with Star Wars.

After our show, children were given sweet treats from Haribo company and after that the Pediatric Clinic for hematology and oncology received from Kapka naděje and PlayStation company five PlayStation Portable handhelds with stands and many games. We hope that these games will make the long moments spent in hospital more bearable.

Because of their medical condition, not all the children could attend our show. Members of Lion Base, the representative of Kapka naděje (the director of Kapka naděje Elen Švarcová) and the representative of PlayStation company (Marketing Specialist Jakub Holý) went to visit the rooms of children, who couldn’t leave their beds. Despite their medical condition, children were pleasantly surprised by our visit and every one of them wanted to hold the lightsaber and talk to their Star Wars heroes.

Finally we visited a special patient – seven years old boy who was a big fan of Star Wars. We will never forget the happiness we saw in the boy’s eyes. The strength and vitality of that boy was so breathtaking that we’ve given him the status of Friend of Lion Base with all the honors included.

We’d like to thank the foundation fund Kapka naděje for their dedication and for this opportunity to help they’ve given us. We hope that our cooperation will successfully continue. We’d also like to thank the staff of Motol Faculty Hospital.

Even though one of our lines is “We Are the Heroes”, in this case it is not so – the real heroes are these children who day after day continue to fight their, often fatal, diseases.


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