Nar Shaddaa Base

What area does the base cover? Illinois (U.S.A.)

How many members does the base have?  105 members

What is the base’s history?  Originally we were a part of Midwest Base that included Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. When Midwest Base divided into smaller units, the members in Illinois decided to stay together as one unit, and formed Nar Shaddaa Base.

Does the logo have any special meanings to it?  Mostly it represents our names sake, the planet Nar Shaddaa. There are a few “surprises” built into it… but you’ll have to ask a member what they are. 😉

Does the base have a favorite charity or annual event?

Several members at Discovery World Mesuem


Phyllis Schult helps decorate our Christmas tree for the Brookfield Zoo

What are some recent events?  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer – Chicago and Green Bay; Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo – Christmas Tree “Holiday Magic” fundraiser; C2E2 convention, Chicago; Joliet Public Library (Illinois).

Does the base have any Detachment units? Outlaw Squadron (Pilots); Renegade Squad (Troopers); Temple of the Howling Moon (Jedi).

Does the base have it’s own website? No, but we are on Facebook:

And twitter:


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