Puerto Rico Free Comic Book Day

Original report by: Angel Martinez, Puerto Rico Base

FCBDOn Saturday May 4th Puerto Rico Base Members were invited to Metro Comics to celebrate the annual Free Comic Book Day! Rebel Legion members spent time with the public from 11am till 2pm… This event was the debut of 2 new Base Members: Gennah & James!


Thanks to our members for coming:
Angel (RavenApprentice), Carlos (Carl-Solo), David (D. shadows), Julia (Marasiah Naberrie), Ineabelle (FuriaFelina), William (Wideko Deskort), Arnaldo (Ardran Darkus), Juli (Tanochi), Delirys (Daina7X), Juan (Tie Pilot 181), Eric (Master Jederic), Eddie (Droid_Colletor), German (DJElJedi), Gio (Lillith), Dianne (DiiVisasMarr13), Geenah (GiGiKilgannon), James (Nogard Aoi)

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