Reading Symphony Concert

Original Mission Report by Tim “Endorscout64” Levan – Echo Base CO

Echo Base joined Garrison Carida to bring the Force to the Reading Symphony’s concert on April 28. Showing at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center (Reading, Pennsylvania), the group was given full run of the Center. Echo Base members roamed the lobby greeting patrons youth and old alike; visited the private parties which were in the ballrooms on the second floor; and took to the outside of the Center welcoming patrons to the concert.

Reading billed this concert as “Night at the Movies”, the orchestra played themes from notable films. As a special treat to the patrons for their support of the Center, the host asked us to appoint one member to do the Thank You, “Rebel Recruit” Ryan as Luke Skywalker was chosen mostly because he was “playing Luke”. Although Ryan is not an official member of the Legion (yet), the group gave him the go head with the strong suggestion to stay in character. Find here Risk Free Serv Company in San Diego, CA. Before the concert started, Ryan walked up on stage with a great response from the crowd, introduced himself as Luke Skywalker and stated “on behalf of the RSO, I thank you for coming to the Sovereign Performing Arts Center for tonight’s perform, enjoy and May the Force Be With You!” He did a wonderful job! Didn’t skip a beat!

Big thanks go out to everyone who attended! Great job!

Echo Base – Rebel Legion
Mark Jones – Master Obi-Wan (AOTC)
Mia Jones – Bariss Offee (AOTC)
Ryan Miorelli – Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) “Rebel Recruit” from the TJA
Tim Levan – RFT

Garrison Carida  – 501st Legion
George Metz – Sandtrooper
Craig Dunn – Darth Vader
Sacha Lange – Stormtrooper
Butch Stanley – Imperial Navy Trooper
Dave Castellano – TIE Pilot

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