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Original report by: Dark Radiance, Rogue Base

On Saturday, November 3rd 2012, Rogue Base had a lovely opportunity to help a young boy make his way through his cancer treatments.His grandfather contacted one of our members and relayed to us this story:

“He knew that he had something in is tummy and that it was making him sick. Whenever he gets sick Dad has always explained it to him as good guys and bad guys. And the med. we give him makes the good guys stronger to fight the bad guys. Well Davin is really into Star Wars right now so I have been thinking of a way to tell him what is going on in a way that he would understand it. So this is how I explained it to him:

Davin has really bad guys in his tummy (the cancer cells). They are the dark lords of the Sith, so the Emperor, and Darth Vader and General Grievous. And these bad guys are making a big city in his tummy (the benign parts of the tumor). We are going to send in the Jedi (the chemo drugs) to kill the bad guys. Davin has chosen some like Luke, Mace Windu, Obi Wan, and Yoda. We have told him that the doctors are going to send the Jedi in through his bump (the port) and they are going to kill the bad guys. While the good guys and bad guys fight he can feel a little sick and sleepy, but mommy and daddy can give him meds to help him feel a little better. After the Jedi go and kill all of the bad guys the doctors have to go in and get the rest of the city that wasn’t destroyed in the fight (which will be the ending surgery).

Davin liked the story and was really excited to get the Jedi in so that they could kill The Emperor. The one part he wasn’t so excited about was taking out the city at the end. We have talked a lot about it and convinced him that it is easier to take it out then have the Jedi destroy it all. I think that this story has helped Davin understand what we are doing and how important it is.”

-Davin’ Grandfather

The base came out in force to support this little guy (and his family). We started the event by presenting Davin (and his brother Liam) each a lightsaber. Then (with huge thanks to Obi-Shawn from California) we were about to play a special message by Yoda transmitted from Coruscant. We were hiding around a corner with just our 3PO, Young Obi-Wan, and R2D2 out there during the message. The Throne Room music started playing and we marched out, stood in front and invited Davin to come up to receive a “medal of Yavin” from Princess Leia and to become an honorary member of Rogue Base. A few Jedi stepped forward and presented Davin with 2 baskets of action figures, coloring books, a puzzle, poster, legos, crazy bands, and some treats and told him that “the force would be with him, always”. After that we stood and took photos with everyone and mingled.

Many of us had misty eyes when we saw the smiles and tears from the family and friends, especially the Great-Grandparents who were able to be there for this presentation. They had gathered about 90 of their family members for this presentation. Our best goes out to Davin and his family.

Photos from the evet can be found on Rogue Base’s Facebook page.

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