Sheltay Retrac, Aide to Bail Organa

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Sheltay Retrac was a Human female from Alderaan who served as the head of Bail Organa’s aides in the closing stages of the Clone Wars. During the conflict, she took part in at least two secret missions, one of which aimed at freeing the Jedi Master Shaak Ti from the gaols of Metalorn. With her husband, an artist from the Castle Lands of Alderaan, Retrac had given birth to a girl named Winter. She died shortly after the establishment of Palpatine’s Galactic Empire, leaving her daughter in the hands of Bail Organa.

Source: Wookieepedia




  1. Winter white or ivory ¾-length cape of a crinkled, non-shiny fabric with a high collar and round shoulder cut-outs. Cape has a full back, ending at mid-calf.
  2. Winter white or ivory sleeveless fitted top of a crinkled, non-shiny fabric with a scoop-neck reaching to a couple of inches below the bust extending to a long tabard down the front ending at the knees.
  3. Winter white or ivory sleeveless, fitted, A-line floor-length gown beneath the tabard of crinkled, non-shiny fabric.
  4. Winter white or ivory opera-length fingerless gauntlets of crinkled, non-shiny fabric.
  5. White or ivory open-toe, mid-heel strappy sandals.
  6. Hair pulled back in a ponytail at the crown of the head. No bangs; naturally-occurring hair colors only.
  7. White plastic curvaceous cross-shaped headband and a thick winter white or ivory ponytail elastic or wrap.


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