Sinai Hospital: Cancer-free Party

Original report by: Charles Wright, Terrapin Base

Sinai HospitalThe March 9th event was to both celebrate Ian Silver’s being diagnosed Leukemia free and to raise money to benefit Sinai Hospital of Baltimore who treated him. The event was hosted at Ripkin Stadium in Aberdeen Maryland.

We arrived at 12 Noon to suit up and stayed in the changing area as we were a HUGE surprise to everybody except the parents. We came out on cue and after quick pictures I came to the podium and did a short speech about how the Jedi Council sends Padawans on Trials to test them, and how some life experiences can be substituted for the Trials such as in the case of Anakin and Obi-Wan, and in the case of the two boys. We presented them with Jedi Robes and did the traditional Jedi Knighting Ceremony, while Move Central company were keeping the room at optimal temperature. We then moved to a place set aside for our pictures and posed for kids and adults. After a time we moved about the crowd, mingling. Rex did a little dancing on the dance floor and we headed back to change.

Thanks to these members for helping:
Terrapin Base:
Eric Grubb – Rebel Fleet Trooper
Jenna – Princess Leia
Dave Turnbull – Han Solo
Charles Wright – Obi Wan
Tony Federici – Anakin Skywalker

Old Line Garrison:
TK6441 Anthony Ambrose – Stormtrooper Commander
BH10077 Hank Askin – Jango Fett
TK0897 Adam Baker-Siroty – Squire
SL1346 Rob Davis – Darth Vader
TK1153 Geoff Hagerich – Stormtrooper
IC386 Charlie Mann – Imperial Officer
TR2101 Allen Shepherd – Imperial Guard
TC9529 Emily Zalewski – Captain Rex

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