SOS Kinderdorf charity event

Original report by: “Okami Dai” – Alpine Outpost CO

On May 5th, members of Alpine Outpost Austria and Austrian Garrison occupied the Shopping City Seiersberg near Graz, Austria, from 1100 to 1700 hrs. The mission was a fund raising for “SOS Kinderdorf”, and to show off the Rebel and 501st Legions to the public.

As a special attraction for this event, we had a R2-D2 model, built in 1988 from cardboard and wood. It is amazing to see that even in Austria 3 generations of people know this little droid!

The support from the Shopping City Seiersberg management team was great, we had a lot of fun and were accepted very well by the public.

Although only € 171 was collected for charity, it was still a fund outing for everyone.

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