Star Wars Reads Day 2012

October 6th was the first national Star Wars Reads Day – sponsored by Lucasfilm and its publishing partners – Abrams, Chronicle Books, Dark Horse, Del Rey, DK Publishing, Random House Audio, Scholastic, Titan Magazines and Workman. The Rebel Legion had hundreds of members at book stores and libraries all across the country to help celebrate reading and Star Wars.
Here are a few reports on this years activities. To keep up on plans for next year – follow the news at


Puerto Rico Base at Metro Comics
Original report by: Angel Martinez, Puerto Rico Base

On October 6th Puerto Rico Base and Metro Comics celebrated the first ever Star Wars Reads Day! Starting at 11:00AM and running thru 2:00PM, members helped with raffles, arts and crafts, and a very Special guest: Comic Artist Amin Amat! We were please to welcome our new member “lleilisayala” on her first official Rebel Legion troop! and extremely excited with the debut of our member “D. Shadows” new costume: Anakin Skywaker (Clone Wars Micro-Series).

Rebel Legion table with a Yoda Puppet making station!

As a Thank You to Amin Amit, he was welcomed as an Honorary Member of our Base!

Puerto Rico Base and Garrison

  • Thank You to our members for coming out and helping!
    Angel (RavenApprentice) – Quinlan Vos – Base CO
    Carlos (Carl-Solo) – Lando – Base XO
    Eric (Master Jederic) – Jedi Knight – Base Membership Offcier
    Ineabelle (FuriaFelina) – Rebel Pilot
    Gio (Lillith) – Master Fay
    Jorge (Master Kadel) – Quinlan Vos
    Arnaldo (Ardran Darkus) – Jedi Master
    Robert (JediRob) – Jedi Knight
    William (WidekoDeskort) – Rebel Pilot
    Jan (master-naj_solrac) – Jedi Knight
    Gretchen (Teena Skyblade) – Jedi Master
    Marki (marki166) – Jedi Knight
    David (D. Shadows) – Anakin Skywalker
    Eddie (Orim Serrot) – Jedi Master
    Mario (lordmarious) – Rebel Trooper
    Annette (MasterAnne) – Helper
    ohanny (lleilisayala) – Jedi Knight

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