January, 2006: Corellian Base approved.

February, 2006: Malaysia Outpost approved.

April 10, 2006: UK Outpost is promoted to Base status.

May 14, 2006: Mark Bradley becomes the 1100th member of the Rebel Legion.

August, 2006: Series #1 of the Legion trading cards ships to members.

2006 Elections:

Legion Commanding Officer – Ed O’Connell (With no other nominees there was no call for a vote.)

Nominees for Legion Administrative Council were – James Hermle, Lori McKee, Rachel Hullett, Jennifer Peterson.

August 12, 2006: Eagle Outpost is approved.

November 23, 2006 – Fallen Rebel: Greg A Moss “propgeek1701” – Mountain Base

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Aug-Nov 2005

August 29, 2005: Costumer of the Year (2005) is award to Darren Blum. Rebel of the Year (2005) is awarded to Matt Hofmann.

October 2005: Ed O’Connell elected LCO.

November 4, 2005: Ken Ograyensek appointed to LXO and Matt Hofmann elected by Rebel Command to serve as Base Command Liaison.

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Apr-Jun 2005

April, 2005: Italian Base approved.
April, 2005: Honorary Member Dermot Crowley inducted by French Base.
April 10, 2005: Laurie Gordon becomes the Legion’s 700th member.
April 22 – 25, 2005: Celebration III in Indianapolis, Indiana.

May 19, 2005: Kristina Daniels becomes the 800th member of the Legion.

June 2005: Southern California Base renamed Sunrider Base.
June 28, 2005: Alderaan Base splits from Echo Base, to represent: Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Brian Anderson is the Base’s first CO.

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Feb-Mar 2005

February 3, 2005: Scott Will, Rachel Hullett, & Kristen Mrozek are appointed to the Legion Council, joining Lynn Duffield, Doug Fesko, Matt Pfingsten.
February 8, 2005: First Regional Captains appointed in Midwest Base. Andrew Marsh (IL), Kimberly Fink (OH), Carrie Ivey (MI), CO Stacey Lee (WI), XO Matt Hofmann (IN).
February 17, 2005: Matt Pfingsten appointed Legion CO by the Legion Council, Council fills the LXO role.

March 25, 2005: Italian Base created, Fabrizio Donati is the CO. Spanish Outpost created, Felipe Pérez Palencia is the CO.
March 29, 2005: Honorary Member Don Bies inducted by Echo Base.

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February 10, 2004: First ever Rebel Legion Club Charter approved by the Legion Council and posted.

April, 2004: Honorary Members – Mark Hamill and Shannon McRandle inducted by Echo Base.

May 24, 2004: Natasha Bieberfeld becomes the Legion’s 500th member.

September 27, 2004: Richard Fairbrother steps down from the Legion Council.

October 16, 2004: Honorary Member Timothy Zahn inducted by Ra Kura Base.

November 18, 2004: Kevin Higgins becomes the Legion’s 600th member.

November 22, 2004: Honorary Member Kenny Baker inducted by Echo Base.

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