Nov-Dec 2007

November 5, 2007: Rebel Legion Galactic Senate approved. Becca Kraning as the DCO, and Mary Alice Ladd as the DXO.
November 19, 2007: Knights of the Jedi Order Detachment approved, Neil Shivelle as the DCO, Rick Bouwhuis as the DXO.
November 23, 2007: Major charter rewrite passed.
December 2, 2007: Starfighter Command Detachment Charter posted.
December 3, 2007: Rebel Alliance Infantry Detachment approved. Donna Keeley as the DCO, and Phyllis Schulte as the DXO.
December 29, 2007: First issue of Comlink, the official Rebel Legion newsletter.

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October 2007

October 19, 2007: 2007 Elections.

Matt Hofmann elected LCO. (With no other nominees, there was no call for a vote.) Andrea Samulewicz was appointed LXO.
Lori McKee, Susie Leopold, Caroline Mange, elected to Legion Council. (nominees were: Susie Leopold, Kell Yarwood, Andrea Samulewicz, Caroline Mange, Lori McKee.)
Jase Fox elected by Rebel Command to the office of Base Command Liaison for 2007/2008.
Starfighter Command Detachment elected Ed Cook as DCO and Jon Paulson as DXO.

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Jun-Aug 2007

June, 2007: Eagle Outpost approved.

July, 2007: Honorary Member Rick McCallum inducted by Spanish Base.

July 13 – 15, 2007: Celebration Europe in London, United Kingdom

August 6, 2007: Mexican Outpost approve.

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May 2007

May 2007: Ken Ograyensek promoted to LCO, Andrea Samulewicz serves as (LXO).

May 24 – 28, 2007: Celebration IV in Los Angeles, California.

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April 2007

April 2007: Austria and Switzerland join Germany as part of German Outpost Yavin. Then the outpost upgrades to full Base status.
April 2007: Dantooine Base approved.
April 3, 2007: Japan Outpost moved into Base status.
April 9, 2007: Outrider Base approved. Erin Scott as CO.
April 9, 2007: Dantooine Base approved. Norm Hackett as CO.
April 27, 2007: Terrapin Base approved. Ed Bartlebaugh as CO.
April 30, 2007: Brian Steele becomes the 1400th member of the Legion.

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