Nov-Dec 2011

November 16, 2011: Alpine Outpost Austria is approved.
November 18, 2011: Tijuana Outpost completes their probationary period, and is approved to continue.

December 27, 2011: The State of Mississippi is transferred to Dagobah Base.

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Sep-Oct 2011

September 2011: Jason Rutledge “Commander Cody” becomes LCO, with no other candidates, there was no vote.
September 3, 2011: Producer Gary Kurtz is inducted as an Honorary Member, by Alex McKeel , David Lindabury and Fred Parsons. And Voice Actor Sam Witwer is inducted as an Honorary Member, by Alex McKeel and Geoff Krickhan.

October, 2011: Caricature Artist Darryl Woods is inducted as a Friend of the Legion, by Bart German.
October, 2011: Voice Actress Meredith Salenger is inducted as an Honorary Member, by Ken Clouser.
October 2, 2011: Rebel Command Council confirms Dave Humphrey as the Rebel Legion Executive Officer (LXO).
October 8, 2011: Gordon Gravelese “Naglium” is selected as the Legion Merchandise Officer. And Mark Jones “JediMasterMark” is selected as the Legion Membership Officer. Andrea “Otter” will continue on as the Legion Public Relations officer, and Erich Shafer “AdamScottFM” will continue on as the Captain of the Guard.
October 21, 2011: Honorary Member artist Stewart McKenny is inducted in the Legion.
October 24, 2011: Legion Council welcomed Frank Sommer “Luke_Skywalker” as the Base Command Liaison.

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August 2011

August, 2011: Announced the 2010 Yearly Awards
2010 Rebel of the Year:
 Mark Bradley (Jedi Mickey)
Nominees were: Mark Bradley (Jedi Mickey), Carlos Silva (Carl-Solo), Lothar Werner (Jolee Bindo)

2010 Costumer of the Year: Vera Campbell (Leia)
Nominees were: Vera Campbell (Leia), Ryan Ricks (Zaxmon), Thomas Riedel (Colonel Dash Rendar) , Angel Martinez (RavenApprentice), Sandy B. LaJaunie (valkyrieangel), Wolfgang Grand (Okami Dai) , Kat (kathgruben) , Charles Foltz (Folard Toz)

2010 Commanding Officer of the Year: Bouri-Plwel (Rick Bouwhuis)
Nominees were: Bouri-Plwel (Rick Bouwhuis), Luke_Skywalker (Frank Sommer), the.rebel.agent (Diego Arévalo)

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Jan-May 2011

January 1, 2011: Hong Kong Outpost approved
May, 2011: Ewok Lydia Green is inducted as an Honorary Member, by Chris Blackstock. And Luminare Unduli actress Olivia d’Abo is inducted as an Honorary Member, by Jon Leopold.

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