October 2013

October, 2013: Yearly Election Results

Legion Commanding Officer: Angel Martinez. (With no other suitable candidates, no vote was taken.) Sandy B. LaJaunie to serve as Legion Executive Officer.

Legion Council:
Diego Javier Arevalo (the.rebel.agent)m, Ian Letendre (Jace Darkrider), Jeff Goldin (crash),  Richard Heffernan (Gius Maximus), Frank Sommer (Luke_Skywalker)

Starfighter Command: Jon Paulson (HazardThree)
Knights of the Jedi Order: Roger Allen (SithariRog)
Rebel Alliance Infantry Detachment: Jason Rutledge (Commander Cody)
Clones of the Republic: Markus Zimmerman (Q)
Galactic Senate: Raychel Enck (RebelSenator)
Galactic Strategic Command: Rick Bouwhuis (Bouri Plwel)
Docking Bay 94: Conley Nichols (Nikkos Khann)
The Wretched Hive: Kellie (Amalphiea)

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September 2013

September 1, 2013: Announced the 2012 Rebel of the Year: Richard Heffernan (Gius Maximus)
Nominees were: Diego Javier Arevalo (the.rebel.agent), William Desiderio (Wideko Deskort), Richard Heffernan (Gius Maximus), Jason Humphreys (Fyr Mureys), Steven Kocsis (sandman), Ryan Miorelli (Jaren Valnor), Andrew Shaddox (Andrewshaddox), Pam Simpson (Twi’lek Pam), Christian Ariel Tovar (Arie Tov), Jan Wilms (Khepry)
2012 Commanding Officer of the Year: Angel Martinez (Puerto Rico Base)
Nominees were: Keith Casella (Sabeuax), Matt Hoffman (hofmann), Angel Martinez (RavenApprentice)
September 1, 2013: Voice Actor Phil LaMarr is welcomed as an Honorary Member during Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. His membership was sponsored by Alex McKeel and Ken Clouser.
September 28, 2013: Star Wars: Legacy comic artist Omar Francia is welcomed as an Honorary Member by Cruz Del Sur Base during SuperColecciones in La Plata, Argentina.

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Jul-Aug 2013

July 6, 2013 – Art Department staffer Steve Cooper is welcomed by Terrapin Base as an Honorary Member.
July 26 – 28, 2013: Celebration Europe II, Messe Essen, Germany
July 26, 2013: Author John Jackson Miller inducted as an Honorary Member, at San Diego Comic Con, by Lisa Curtis of Sunrider Base.

August 1, 2013: Ireland Outpost approved to serve the Republic of Ireland.
August 8, 2013: Honorary Member Ian Doescher inducted at an appearance at Powell’s Books, Inc. by members of Kashyyyk Base.

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June 2013

June 1, 2013: Artist Mikey Babinski induced as an Honorary Member, by Nar Shaddaa Base during the Joliet Public Library’s (Joliet, Illinois, USA) Star Wars day.
June 6, 2013: Ruusan Outpost approved to serve the Russian Federation.
June, 2013: Pag-Asa Wing Outpost is dissolved do to lack of membership.
June 12, 2013: Hungarian Outpost approved to serve Hungary.
June 15, 2013: Monaco Outpost is approved to serve the Principality of Monaco.
June 22, 2013: Puppeteer Dave Barclay and voice actor Erik Bauersfeld were inducted as Honorary Members, by Kessel Base during Texas Comic Con.

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May 2013

May 2, 2013: Chinese Outpost is approved and becomes the first unit for mainland People’s Republic of China.
May, 2013: Special Effects Artists Joe Viskocil is welcomed as a Friend of the Rebellion at Motor City Comic Con, by Chris Blackstock and Great Lakes Base.

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