March 10, 2003: Legion membership hits 300.

May 12, 2003: Matt Pfingsten appointed to Rebel Legion Command Council by Richard Fairbrother, Lynn Duffield, Jason Gallo, Douglas Fesko, and Tony Troxell.

August 29, 2003, 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time: First ever Meet the Rebel Legion panel at Dragon*Con 17. First annual Rebel Legion Dragon*Con dinner. Peter Mayhew in attendance.

September 15, 2003: Arlette Trumble joins the Rebel Legion, becoming the 400th member.
September 15, 2003: Alpha Base, the long established Rebel costume group for Washington state, joins the Rebel Legion. Greg Evans is the CO.

October 25, 2003 – Fallen Rebel: Chanel Vanecek “Padme_Skywalker” – Endor Base
October, 2003: Honorary Members – Amy Allen, Anthony Daniels, Rena Owen, and Warwick Davis inducted by Star Base.

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